The course has a SIMPLE 3 act structure: 
  • Act 1: Unblocking, Self-confidence boosters, Vein of Gold (beginning)
  • Act 2: Scripts, Auditions, Performing (middle)
  • Act 3: Branding, Marketing, Networking (end)

Jam-packed with over 100 tasks and exercises for actors to hone their skills and create stand-out characters.

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“Awakening the Actor Within” is “The Artist’s Way” for ACTORS. A DIY actor’s survival guide to help actors heal from career injuries.

A 12-week course aimed at helping actors overcome the internal and external challenges of the acting life.

Whether you are NEW to acting, a full-time thespian or a part-time “act on weekends” actor, these tools and tips will increase your acting power.

 Taught by award-winning actor/writer C. Stephen Foster

MASTER the craft of acting while weathering the challenges of the business in this easy to follow course.

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