“Success occurs in clusters.” Julia Cameron

Group “Awakening the Actor Within” workshops


Rates determined by size of class, price charged and length of class sessions. 


FREE PDF booklet included! 

Award-winning actor/writer Stephen Foster is available to guest teach his dynamic, career-changing course to your acting group! 

Whether a small or large group, he will inspire and enlarge your student’s understanding of both the craft of acting and the challenging business aspects.

Via ZOOM, your acting group will master their unique “Vein of Gold” while collectively working on scenes, monologues & specific audition material. 

Topics covered during Zoom:

1. Tell me about your career and one UNIQUE thing about you.

2. “Vein of Gold in acting and in life. What is it and how can it help you? 

3. 3 basic tools: Notebook, Script Reading, “I remembers…”

4. “I remember…” exercise

5. The reason I stopped acting/The reason I still want to act exercise

6. 5 enemies, 5 champions of acting.

7. Vein of Gold quiz and exercise “Pay attention to childhood book main character and life theme.”

8.  Collage the cover of your notebook.


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