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by | Oct 11, 2021 | Acting Tips

I hope you are safe and surviving these wild and crazy times.  It’s been a struggle for sure.  I wanted to share a little good news. My screenplays have been winning awards and My Missing Year has been Optioned!

You can read all about it in this interview with Wayne Devlin from Manchester, England.  

I’d like to introduce you to my good friend C. Stephen Foster, a multi-award winning actor and writer of film and theatre. He also teaches a course based on his best selling book “Awakening the Actor Within.”

Stephen lives in Hollywood and divides his time between acting and writing. I have a copy of his book and in my opinion it should be in every actor’s tool box.  I asked Stephen where the idea for the book came from and here is what he had to say.

“The original idea of the book came from using the unblocking tools in “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

I was a frustrated, blocked actor toiling away at Tower Records. I had been an actor in college and become blocked when I couldn’t get cast. I wasn’t auditioning or taking classes, but I was writing reviews for plays and CDs for a small paper. After reading that book, I had a series of “lucky breaks”, created a show with my friend Scott Wilkerson called “Divanalysis” and that is where the seed of the book came from. I originally wanted to call the book “Dr. Theatre” because I discovered the healing properties of practicing acting.”

What feedback have you had from your book?

“The actors who use the tools, say they love my no-nonsense approach to the craft of acting and the tactics I use to keep them unblocked. The feedback is always, “You helped me discover ME and my talent!” I love to hear actors find their true acting voices”.

If you’d like a copy of “Awakening the Actor Within” you can find it on Amazon.

Stephen has won, along with his partner Chuck Pelletier, over 50 awards. They won 24 for their film “That’s Opportunity Knocking” which is available on Amazon.

Stephen won five best supporting acting awards. This past year he has won eight screenplay awards for “My Missing Year.”
The screenplay for this has been optioned by Yarn Spinner Entertainment.

He has also won awards for his screenplays “Pyramid Scheme” and “Clubbed!” which he hopes to get turned into films.

 With your busy schedule what do you do to relax?

 “I love travelling to the UK, France and Amsterdam with Chuck. I like really odd quiet stuff: museums, castles, pubs, paintings, books, libraries. Since so much of my life is public. I have a habit of “over-working” and find it hard to relax.

I enjoy film festivals because we get the best of both worlds: we can work and play at the same time”.

Stephen is a genuinely nice man with huge talent that he shares willingly with anyone who wants to learn. His book is the inspiration that actors need to remain focussed and unblocked in order to pursue their acting goals. I can’t recommend it enough.

I’d like to thank Stephen for chatting to me and wish him every success for the future.




Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster

Author of "Awakening the Actor Within"


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