Lucky Actor? Try this!

Lucky Actor? Try this!

Lucky Actor? Try this!



Let’s take a deep dive into the pool of the universe. SPLASH!

There is magic in the universe. Don’t believe me, try this:

List 10 things you want.

(These should be personal to you and NOT abstractions. I want a paid acting job vs. I want world peace.)


1. I want a new agent.
2. I want to book a sitcom.
3. I want to win a best actor award.
4. I want to move to Hollywood.
5. I want a great team for my current project.
6. I want new headshots.
7. I want a better reel.
8. I want a great audition monolouge.
9. I want to find a great acting coach.

10. I want a new camera/light rig for self-tapes.


Go ahead write them down & watch the universe begin cooking them for you.
Read your list out loud daily (yes, I said out loud) & write down in your notebook the ways the universe helps you with your dreams.
Examples: This morning, I found a pack of business cards that I had asked about in my Morning Pages, I am working with someone who was recommended by a friend over 20 years ago when I first started teaching in my living room. I was offered the role in a fun new project.
Why do I tell actors to WRITE down 10 things that they want? Because you want to take it from the absract, confines of your mind and put it into concrete from. If they are locked in the attic of your mind, they are just ideas and ideas without concrete actions are just rubbish. So many people in Hollywood call themselves “idea people,” spending hours and hours talking. Don’t be one of those people.
This is where the term synchronicity kicks in. Synchronicity can be called “A lucky break, the law of attraction or being at the right place at the right time!” So much of an actor’s career depends on it. We set a goal, and take some action and the heavens seem to part for us. Pay attention to the clues. Joseph Campbell called this, “The 1000 unseen helping hands!”
You may be surprised by the quickness of the Universe. You may be NOT used to having this direct form of asking. You may still be hiding your true dreams (like I said, try it!), but once you begin this you will find doors opening everywhere. You might be afraid to walk through those doors.
When I am teaching, I ask students week after week, “Did you experience any synchronicity this week? Any good luck?” I tell them to not look for the BIG things but the small things that add up! Week after week, they keep a check-in in their notebooks where they can actually witness these dreams coming true.
“When the universe throws you a curve-ball, think of it as batting practice!” and keep right on keeping on.  On the acting career path, actors get thrown off-course by these lousy breaks.  There are 2 sides to synchronicity: the positive and the negative.  The universe attracts to you what you “think” and “speak” about both positive and negative.  This can be called frustration pure and simple.  If you’ve been in real funk and discouraged place, it’s hard to just buck up and become a beam of positive light.  We tend to, in those moments,  attract a grab bag of crap and of some “good luck’ but nothing to jump up and down about. One thing I’ve learned to do is this: each day, write 2 sets of lists:
1. 10 things I feel good about.

2. 10 things I am wanting.


This helps keep you focused on a few positive aspects while still keeping your “wanting” alive. It’s a very simple process and it keeps you grounded in times of adversity and defeat. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and open a lemonade stand!” is my current motto.  Keep on until you succeed!
Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster

Author of "Awakening the Actor Within"